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Belgrade: A warm city

Its highlights and its rich history create an explosive, highly Balkan mix. In beauty it resembles Paris, but it is smaller in size and so easier to get to know. As for its inhabitants, they are certainly more relaxed than the Parisians. And the poorer. It has been 29 years since the break-up of the…

By Aristomenis June 17, 2018 0

How to Travel To Australia on a Budget

Traveling to Australia is a pricey proposition the airfare alone could bust your budget, and the sheer length of the flight encourages most visitors to stretch their visit for well over a week. One of the biggest expenses of any Australia trip is the airfare to get there. As you hunt for bargains, don’t forget…

By Aristomenis June 7, 2018 0

How to travel on a budget: Our 11 best tips.

Choose the right day to fly. Airfare is one of the highest expensive vacation costs. There are some ways to cut down on the cost of travel, without resorting to a road trip.According to 2017 cheap Air study of 921 million airfares, travelers who booked 54 days before their trips, they got the best deal…

By Aristomenis June 5, 2018 0