A Hawaiian Resident’s Guide to a Great Vacation in Hawaii

A Hawaiian Resident’s Guide to a Great Vacation in Hawaii

May 4, 2019 0 By Aristomenis

WHEN TO GO to Hawaii

Most people travel in the summer and summers are Hawaii hot. The temperatures boil all day long from dusk till past dawn. From November through February we do not get snow. OK! So this is obvious but we do have rain. That leaves two small windows and since most people have kids I would say the best time to come is during Spring Break. The extra money on airfare is worth it.


So your planning a Hawaiian Vacation and you’ve decided to stay in the great city of Waikiki. STOP! It is the worst place to stay in the entire set of Islands. Let’s just assume you’ve decided to stay in Oahu. It is the first place the majority of the airlines stop. It is not the best place but it is the first place. Great potential lies in Oahu but you have to know where to go and more importantly where to stay. Obviously, these decisions depend on your family size but, the honest truth is unless you in your early twenties Waikiki is not the place to stay. The best places to stay are on the North Shore and Turtle Bay.


When deciding your trip seriously consider avoiding the weekends. Oahu is a finite island and it is overpopulated. The best time to visit is during the week. The weekends are great for laying on the beach (NOTE: if you stay in Waikiki the beach and pools on the weekend are extremely crowded). Because Oahu is so overcrowded the time of the day is crucial. The major interstate on the rock (aka island) is filled with what looks like close to a million workers going to and from work. It there is an accident or someone pulled over for speeding; the cars slow down to a crawl. So no matter where you stay the key to remember is if your destination is in the east of your location leave after 900AM and if you homestead is in the west return before 3 pm.


ALOHA! So now you’re ready to get down and dirty. The best places to go to our vast and could easily occupy two weeks of anyone’s time. Many tourist sites exist and many just want your money. For instance, I took my family on a whale cruise. We had this big idea of huge whales breaching by the boat. WRONG! The cruise guaranteed whales or they offered a free trip. So we proceeded out – within 30 minutes we saw a whale 300 feet from the boat. We obviously had to use binoculars. 31 minutes later we were headed for shore. (NOTE: whales are only visible in the winter months) The truth is most locals are nice (The Aloha spirit) but some are not. It should be noted that local families stick together tighter than glue. I have not actually attempted this but living in Ewa Beach I have certainly seen the wrath of a local Hawaiian Family from time to time (SEE MY OTHER ARTICLES). Nevertheless, I have developed some great spots that I frequent more-so than others.


The site is an awesome thing to feel and see. However, I do not recommend this if you have kids under the age of 6. If you want to take the kids to see some historical sites you have to go see the www.mightymo.com. A shuttle can be taken to Ford Island from Pearl Harbor. This huge massive ship is a Historic maze. This ship will amuse the kids if you can keep track of them.


The swap meet is the sole place you should buy any Hawaiian treasures. Basically, the Aloha Stadium is the site where over 300 vendors set up shop. They sell luggage, lotions, toys, food, flowers, swimsuits, t-shirts, coconut postcards, and even food. This happens every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.


The world famous snorkeling beach www.co.honolulu.hi.us/parks/facility/hanaumabay/welcome.htm. After a short downhill hike, you will find the absolute best snorkeling paradise. Every Hawaiian fish is seen here from eel through a turtle. If you go here you must arrive early because parking fills up early.


The beaches and waves are magnificent. If you want to take a surfing lesson or check out some cool surfboards find the www.surfnsea.com store in downtown Haleiwa. I love to stop at Giovanni’s for some shrimp and rice. McDonald’s is right across the street if you have little ones with you.


One the way back stop by the www.dole-plantation.com and buy a pineapple knife you will wish you spent the 5.50 when you get home. I can not tell you how many family members have us mail one back once they return home from there Hawaiian trip. While at the Dole Plantation get the extra large pineapple sundae and share it. It is cheaper than everyone getting there own cone.


Everyone should attend a luau. The best luaus I’ve attended are at www.paradisecovehawaii.com. It may be close to perfect. The sunset is awesome and considered best to be the best spot on the island. Perhaps the only luau with a spectacular sunset. Additionally as opposed to what one may think you do not sit down the entire time. The program keeps you moving and allows you to try several Hawaiian traditions. These traditions include archery, making leis, canoeing and of course, two drinks are complimentary. The cost is around $65.00 per person and the food is the traditional Luau food. I would recommend not paying for the children under 5 there is plenty of food for everyone.

Enjoy your Hawaii and stay in touch for other Hawaian articles.

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