5+1 low budget travel destinations.

5+1 low budget travel destinations.

April 7, 2019 2 By Aristomenis

We made a survey of “Traveling the Year” which means coveted destinations and low budget! Here we gathered 6 parts of the world that are high on the travel agendas and in 2019 it is the right time to go! See the list of destinations as well as all the information you need to prepare a low-cost dream trip! Other more exotic but most notorious for sure is that we are talking about new experiences and the best deals and even in high season!

Belgrade, Serbia

The neighboring country and its capital, Belgrade, is an affordable destination, ideal for city breaks and a pleasant surprise! A few days only and enough walking is enough to “discover” and “live” the beautiful Belgrade! May the events of the recent past have left hard, the marks and memories, but the Serbs are looking ahead and are inclined to move forward. Every season is suitable for a trip to Belgrade, with Spring and Summer being preferred.


About costs:

An ideal choice for a low budget trip! Serbian dinar The currency of Serbia is the Serbian dinar with a value of € 1 = 118, 43 dinars of Serbia. Make a currency but know that everywhere they accept a card (even taxis). An average monthly salary is € 382.

Accommodation: You will find plenty of accommodation options in the capital at affordable prices. For example apartment 26 sq.m. in the center, 200m. (Atelje Knez Mihailova), you will find it at € 169 for 4 nights in the center while at the luxurious 4-star Boutique Hotel Museum in the center, 70 meters from the Atelje Knez Mihailova Square. from Trg Republike Square, with an excellent rating from its guests, you will find a superior double room with breakfast at € 423 for 4 nights, high season. And (many) choices continue!

Food – Drink: An ideal choice for a low budget trip! Pljeskavica: the typical Serbian burger Belgrade is generally economical in food and entertainment. In a budget restaurant, you will eat at an average price of about € 5.5 / person and even in one of the most popular restaurants in the capital, the dinner price for 2 people will reach about € 53. In fact, the cost of food and drink falls even lower if you walk away from Belgrade’s hot spots and trendy addresses and head east to the Djerdop National Park or south to Serbia’s third largest city, Nis. Nis, though one of the most historic cities in the country, is also famous for its cuisine. Try restaurants such as “Stara Srbija” (“Old Serbia” since 1876!) Where you can enjoy large servings of meat and the famous pljeskavica (the typical Serbian burger) that starts at just 2 €! Espresso almost € 1, cappuccino € 1.30 while the bottle of water is about € 0.90. Refreshments are about € 1.30 (330ml). Belgrade is also a city with a lively nightlife. On the main pedestrian street (Mihailova) you will find all the shopping malls as well as several cafes and restaurants. Complete your day with a drink at the bars of historic Savamala or at the “Splavovi”, the club on the river. In the so-called “20/44” sailing, which sails to Savo, the party continues until the morning … Tip: If you like beer, please visit the “Samo Pivo” Champagne (“Only Beer”). You will find plenty of Serbian – like Kabinet – and international choices at very affordable prices.

Shopping: Below shopping street is Knez Mihailova. Prices in this kind of goods do not differ greatly from those in Greece, especially with regard to well-known brands. In general, we would not say that this is a shopping destination.

Moving – Fuels: A single-way ticket costs approximately € 0.76 and a monthly pass of € 27. The taxi starts at € 1.4 per 1 km. costs € 0.55 and if you need an hour of € 6.30. Gasoline costs € 1.30 per liter.

Lodz, Poland

Lodz, the third largest city in Poland, built in the heart of the country, impresses with its medieval style is a surprise for the visitor! The aristocratic mansions and atmospheric districts fascinate while the historical monuments stand out loud to “live” and remind of the centuries-old history of the city.


About costs:

The Polish currency is Polish Zloty (means gold) at € 1 = 4.3 Zloty. An average monthly salary is € 655.

Accommodation: You will find an abundant choice of accommodation in Lodz at relatively affordable rates and high season dates. For example hotel just 650m. from the center, the 3-star Campanile Łódź, costs € 199 for 4 nights, while the 4-star Ambassador Centrum will cost you also for 4 nights € 307 with breakfast, while a deluxe studio in the center, the Good Time Aparthotel costs for 4 nights € 142!

Food – Drink: In Lodz, you will eat at an average price at a low-priced restaurant at about € 5 / person, while a mid-class restaurant with a 3-course menu costs about € 26 for 2 people. A local draft beer (0.5 lt) will cost you € 1.6, soft drinks in a box of about € 0.85 while the bottle is water. Espresso € 1.1, cappuccino € 1.60.

Shopping: In general it is not a destination suitable for shopping. Prefer to get away with traditional souvenirs.

Moving – Fuels: A single-way ticket costs approximately € 0.85 while the monthly pass passes € 28. The taxi has a start of 1.7, 1 km costs € 0.73 and if you need an hour of waiting for € 9.20. Gasoline is roughly the same as Greece, with the average price fluctuating at € 1.5.


Below Everest, Nepal, the homeland of the Buddha, and the craving for all climbers and hikers is the world’s number one destination for trekking in the Himalayan mountain routes. You will start from the capital, Kathmandu, a city that “swings” between the past and the present that will provide you with the first contact with the tradition and the authentic way of life of the locals and will be a good base for exploring this beautiful place. But Nepal, above all, is the best destination in the world if you are a mountain enthusiast.


About costs:

The great advent of the trekkers has not managed to bring about an economic boost capable of pulling the country out of poverty. Besides, to date Nepal is one of the poorest nations in the world with a low standard of living and people at the poverty level (it is enough to think that the average monthly salary in the country is just … € 176!) Which has a decisive impact the economy and hence the cost of travel. Nepal’s currency is Rupiah Nepal (NPR) and € 1 corresponds to 129.57 NPR.

Accommodation: It will really impress you how cheap hotels you can find in Nepal! We made a search for accommodation in Kathmandu, high season (October 2019) and the results were unrealistic as we found a 2-star hotel (Karma Travelers Home) with € 98 for a total of … 7 (!) Overnight stays (including taxes, cancel!), that is about the daily cost of just € 14. You will find plenty of choices and all economical! From such cheap nights as the above up to 5 star hotel with € 688 for 7 nights (Hotel de l ‘Annapurna). But even the most luxurious of the luxury to look for and even in the heart of Kathmandu’s center, the cost of a total stay will not exceed € 1,400 with breakfasts, for example, if you choose the 5 star Baber Mahal Vilas € 198). The cost of breakfast in hotels where it is not included in the original price is particularly economical.

Food – Drink: In Kathmandu, you will find many restaurants to enjoy local cuisine as well as international cuisine, with very good reviews and very economical. For example, in a middle-class restaurant, you will eat a 7-course menu with € 7,70 or otherwise in this category, prices range from € 3 to € 22. On the other hand, in a luxury hotel restaurant, your dinner will start at around € 22. A combo meal in a street food chain is about € 5.4. Imported beer will cost you € 2.80, a can of beverage € 0.41, a small bottle of water € 0.19, espresso € 0.92 and cappuccino € 1.30. At very good prices you will find everyday items and essentials, especially in connection with western prices. For example, a liter of supermarket milk costs just 74 NPR, or € 0.57.

Transport – Fuels: Very low costly will be your transfer to Nepal as a one-way ticket costs just € 0.15, a monthly pass of € 7.33, while taxis are priced (starting at a standard tariff) of € 1.90 and every 1 km, € 0.38 and one hour of waiting for costs € 2.30. The liter of petrol is € 0.83.

Shopping: Obviously this is not a shopping therapy destination but if you want or need to buy something, know that clothes and shoes are just as affordable. For example, a pair of jeans cost an average of € 23 while a pair of athletic brand names about € 41. Do not neglect to get a souvenir. The sure thing is that it takes time, a research mood, an adventurous spirit, and an open mind to complete and enjoy such a trip because the purpose is to conquer the top of the world in its own way or even its footsteps!

Buenos Aires, Argentina

A life experience … that this year is an opportunity to do! The wonderful, characteristic of Buenos Aires, the landscape of mountains and lakes will impress you … Beyond that, what to start and what to do at the magic Buenos Aires … with its rich history and passionate people! A metropolis of the world that never complains will offer you generous life experiences! A 2-sided city … The modern, cosmopolitan side, a vibrant capital city, and an atmospheric city full of old well-preserved buildings and the culture of everywhere…

buenos airesAbout costs:

In recent years, the state, in order to encourage travelers to visit the country, has taken steps to alleviate the financial burden on visitors. For example, if someone paid their accommodation with an international credit card, they will receive a refund of 21% of the value added tax, as well as savings on visa fees for certain nationalities. The Argentinean coin is the Argentine Peso at a match of € 1 = 42.84 Pesos. Generally, the cost of living in Argentina is quite low. An average monthly salary is € 498.

Accommodation: You will find a wealth of accommodation options in Buenos Aires at very low prices if you consider that you can book a hostel with just € 22 / day or a double room in a 2-star hotel with € 31 per day. While you want more and more luxurious amenities, you will find a room in a 4 star hotel with € 65 / day or even better with € 57 as at the quadruple Unique Palacio San Telmo! (Note The survey of the cost of accommodation was made for the high season) Tip: The ideal place to stay in the Microcentro, where you will be close to attractions, you will have direct metro access to visit other neighborhoods of the city. Alternatively, choose to stay in Palermo, a district where the city’s youth is crowded, so it is packed with restaurants and bars and is safer than the center.

Food – Drink: In Buenos Aires, a meal at a budget restaurant will cost about € 9 / person, while a mid-class meal costs about € 32 for 2 people. The cuisine is rich in flavors and has many baked so-called asados, while there are many Italian restaurants and another international cuisine (especially Chinese) where you can eat a full and hearty meal of € 5 to € 15! Draft beer will cost you € 1 to € 2, drink € 3 to € 5, while at the same price with beer you will also find coffee! Tips: Do not forget to try Italian-influenced, traditional ice cream (helados) and, of course, the traditional empanada (small puff pastries and meat filling). Sip a cafe con leche in the legendary Cafe La Biela which is a must stop and an institution for the Argentine capital! The famous Argentine writers, Borges and Casares, also drank their coffee. In fact, on their favorite table, you will see their real-size statues, which have their honor placed there.

Shopping: You will not buy much cheaper in Buenos Aires so there is no reason, but you will surely find traditional little things and souvenirs to take! Also, if you are on a weekend, do not neglect to explore the wonderful shopping. Since 1970, every Sunday, the Feria de San Telmo Exhibition Center has welcomed thousands of visitors to its open-air markets, so it’s an amazing experience both to get confused with the locals and to shop from clothes to household items and from colonial antiques to souvenirs!

Moving – Fuels: A one-way ticket costs approximately € 0.36 while your monthly pass is € 16. The taxi has a start of 1.5, 1 km. costs € 0.85 and if you need an hour of € 9. Gasoline has an average price of € 1.10.


With its history going back 3000 years back in time, Armenia is an out-of-the-way, authentic and mysterious destination with many stories to tell its guests and provide them with an exciting journey into the heart of Eurasia. Armenia is famous for its impressive heritage monuments and its hospitable people and is certainly included in low-cost trips. Yet another reason to choose it is that Aegean makes direct flights from Athens to its capital, Yerevan, at very affordable prices! Beautiful place, historic, authentic, hospitable, affordable and affordable! Surely it has the skills to climb to high places in your travel list!

armenia the monastery of haghartsin

About costs:

The cost of living and services in Armenia are very economical especially in relation to western data while the average monthly salary reaches just 288 €. The Armenian currency is Drum and the euro corresponds to € 1 = 554.47 Drum.

Accommodation: Staying in the capital is very economical. For example, a 5-day stay at the bestseller, Friendship Hostel & Tours, 500m. from the center of the capital costs just € 117 total. In the luxurious, off-center “Venezia Palazzo Hotel”, the same days are worth a total of € 181 with breakfast! It is generally certain that there are too many choices for every taste and at very good prices.

Food – Drink: You will enjoy the local flavors, very economically, because for a meal in a cheap restaurant you will pay about € 5, while in a middle-class restaurant you will enjoy a three-course meal for 2 people with € 22. A local beer costs € 1.10, soft drinks € 0.55, a bottle of water € 0.40 and coffee from € 1.10 to € 1.60.

Shopping: Buy traditional souvenirs that will remind you of this beautiful place! Prices for clothes and shoes are somewhat more economical than those in Greece.

Moving – Fuels: A one-way ticket costs barely € 0.20 (!) And the monthly pass € 11. The taxi is starting € 1.10, 1 km. costs € 0.20 while one hour of waiting will cost you € 2.2. Gasoline has an average of € 0.82.


If you are looking for adventure, experiences, (very) different cultures, Cambodia certainly will not disappoint you! The Asian country is also known as the “Water Country,” not only because the Mekong River runs from the North to the South, but because of one of the most important wetlands of the East, Tonle Sap Lake with 1300 species of fish and too many migratory birds! Cambodia is home to Phnom Penh, while Siem Reap Province is beautiful, and Lake Tonle Sap. Generally speaking, it is one of the most beautiful, authentic and unspoiled parts of the world!

Cambodia monks

About costs:

The cost of living, products, and services are very economical in Cambodia, at least in contrast to Western data and not to the locals if you consider that the average monthly salary reaches just € 156! The currency of Cambodia is Riel at € 1 = 4.538 Riel In general, you know that in Cambodia, transactions are mostly made with dollars.

Accommodation: Staying in Phnom Penh capital is unexpectedly cheap! That is, you will find a guest room with just € 6 per night, a superior double room in a 4-star hotel, at Cardamom Hotel 7 Apartment, whose customer rating exceeds 9, with € 197 for 7 nights, ie € 23 / night plus breakfast! And so much more in this logic and even during the high season.

Eating & Drinking: You will enjoy local specialties at a very affordable price since for a meal in a cheap restaurant you will pay about € 2.60 and if you choose a more “urban” restaurant you will taste a 3-course menu for 2 people only € 18! Even in one of the most popular restaurants to eat, you will pay from € 7 to € 25 per person! Local beer costs less than € 1, soft drinks € 0.60, a bottle of water € 0.35 and coffee from € 1.30 to € 1.80.

Shopping: You will go to bazaars and outdoor markets as they reflect the culture of the place but do not forget: Do not shop anything if you do not “bargain” the price!

Moving – Fuels: A single-way ticket costs from € 0.97 to € 2.20 while the monthly pass € 22. The taxi starts at € 0.88, 1 km. costs € 0.77 and one hour of waiting will cost you € 2.6. Gasoline has an average of € 0.85.

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