5 Myths about Being a Solo Traveler

5 Myths about Being a Solo Traveler

April 15, 2019 0 By Aristomenis

The world is too big to explore on all. Solo traveling has never been remained been so popular, and the main reason is that people don’t have someone to go with them. Isn’t it too boring excuse? As per a travel survey conducted, the number of solo travelers had been raised about 24% by the end of last year. But despite all that, you may find easily a few people telling you that traveling alone is a bad idea. As per some people, the world is a too scary place to explore on and especially for the ladies who go for solo traveling which is wrong. Let’s forget about all the perceptions, get some safety tips for solo travelers and get started with the new ideas of exploring the world. Here we are providing you five myths about being a solo traveler which are wrong.

Myth 1: It’s quite unsafe

Most of the people assume that traveling solo is quite a risky move especially for the women, which are wrong. Safety fears are quite understandable but not up to that mark that it is usually assumed to be and staying safe as a solo traveler is a little bit more. You have to travel as you move in your own home, but with some sensible precautions, that’s all. The world is not as dangerous as it is being assumed to be, rather than depending upon knives, pepper sprays, and even guns; you need to take some smart moves to stay safe in every situation.

If you are planning for a solo visit to some other nation, do all the required research properly by your part in advance and avoid getting late to get back to your destination place. Moreover, keep the copies of your all the paperwork and original documents including passport well stored in your email id so that you can quickly get access to it whenever required. In addition to all these things be prepared with a backup credit card or secret stash of money to use in case of emergency.



Myth 2: It is too expensive

Don’t allow negative things to dominate on yourself. Money is just the frame of mind that usually dominates our mindsets especially when we talk about spending a holiday vacation while traveling solo. On the contrary, solo traveling is much cheaper than that of the traveling in groups as you will have your own set of rules here to follow on. You don’t need to follow what others are doing. You will be the boss; so get those that well suits your budget.

Being a solo traveler, you can easily select budget-friendly accommodation and eat at cheaper places that you usually avoid doing when in group tours. You can correctly make use of various cut costs ways to make your trip inexpensive. Avoid traveling on peak traveling time, staying at tourist hostels and dormitories, exploring the street food, and using your bargaining skills will make your solo trip budget-friendly and pure fun.

Myth 3: It’s boring to be traveling alone

Most people think that making solo trips is usually dull. Is it purely true? Not for sure. One of the most significant advantages of making solo trips is the freedom of getting what you exactly want and when you want. Rather than compromising yourself due to your traveling companions, solo traveling pays yourself the liberty of doing all those things that you desire from longer times. Get ready and enjoy the entire trip as your own company. If you are feeling a little bit nervous about making conversations with strangers, you can make use of various online and offline forums to join who are moving ahead in the same area.

You can be a part of tours and activities for shorter periods if it requires. Rather than solo trips be boring; it is, in fact, one of the most liberating experience, one surely need to make it. No fuss, no frills would be there, and you can do all that you want to be on your trip.

Myth 4: It’s a waste of time

It’s all about time. If you have something extra, why not to spend on grabbing education from different sources? It would surely not be wise to spend your entire day while surfing on the internet, or watching some movies or songs out there on your Smartphone. If you have enough time, try to make perfect use of it. Solo traveling is not wastage of time, but it is the best source that we could make use for knowing something extra.

You are not supposed to get everything from books only or through internet sources. The world is limitless and if you are in the planning of exploring it, what could be better than that. If you are looking forward to grabbing some best education, it is only the traveling that can meet you quickly what you want. Traveling alone is the critical access to get independent in various aspects and is a great teacher that enables you to learn things that you don’t get in your textbooks, classrooms and e-learning courses.

Myth 5: It’s quite difficult to eat alone

Is it? Eating alone is one of the most common worries of most of the solo travelers, especially those who are planning their solo trip for the very first time. Solo traveling is not as tight as it seems to be. If you are worried about the food, you can easily find some best outdoor cafes almost in every city. However, surfing on various online food sites is one of the best things that you can do to explore your favorite places.

The best part about solo traveling is that you are free to eat what you exactly want to eat. Rather than depending on the single menu or forcing yourself to eat what others are eating in the group, you are free to explore the local traditional foods, street foods, best hotels, outdoor cafes and much more. The only thing that you have to take care of is your budget.

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