Travelling For Culture – Your Primer

Travelling For Culture – Your Primer

March 22, 2019 0 By Aristomenis

There are many reasons to travel. Perhaps you wish to experience a wonderful getaway with a romantic partner, you wish to experience family, or you wish to see a wonder of the world to satiate your bucket list. Of course, even these examples are but a tiny percentage of the true breadth of reasons for potential travel. Traveling for culture could be considered one of the chief among these reasons. After all, it taps into something fundamental about the idea of travel in the first place – we wish to see shores beyond our own, to experience life in another area, to see how the weather and the people interact and how culture develops.

So why not travel for culture? If you’ve yet to do this as a sole purpose, the results can be quite enlightening when you decide to take that effort. With our handy primer, we hope to help illustrate just why this method of travel is so important, what it can lend you, and how you might begin. Consider the following:

Find The History

Learning the history can be a big primer for whenever you arrive. It doesn’t take long for you to encounter this either. Some might imagine that you need to take a master’s course on the local’s history and the larger context that surrounded that, but you don’t. Simply watching a documentary about the place or two can help you go in a little more prepared, and a little more interested. Simply keeping a local travel guide and history book can be worthwhile in your downtime, or perhaps making an effort to visit the museums and curated art galleries can help you understand a little more about the place, despite those buildings perhaps not being historical in themselves.

Live Like A Local

If you want to understand a place, it’s best to avoid the tourist traps. Of course, some landmarks are essential to get a view of, but often it’s the hidden cafes and restaurants, the long walks along the canal or the beautiful landscapes you see at the edge of town that truly contribute to the spirit of a place, and can help you and your partner enjoy this process much more clearly, and with much more care. Of course, part of living like a local is speaking to the locals, and you will likely be received warmly if you make the effort of careful conversation, be that in a comfortable morning delicatessen or sitting in the park. Perhaps opting for a more celebrated hotel can also help you get right in among the action.

Learn Part Of The Language

If you’re headed to a foreign-language speaking location, learn a few phrases! Ordering a simple meal and beer in the language can help you pay respect to that culture, and even if they speak English, the waiting staff will often appreciate it. From here, you can extend outwards and learn more as you get more comfortable.

With these tips, traveling for culture is sure to feel totally worthwhile.

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