The Ultimate Guide to traveling Solo.

The Ultimate Guide to traveling Solo.

March 22, 2019 0 By Aristomenis

Still confused on how to travel solo? Traveling solo is fun as you get to explore a place on your own comfort and also get enough time to rest or do whatever you like. But traveling solo is also considered a bit risky because you don’t have any backup or a group to help you if there’s a problem.
Anyhow, to me, traveling solo feels great as I get to spend time with the most important person in my life, Me.
I’ve been traveling solo for a long time and today I share some of my best tricks to use when traveling solo. After reading this, you will be perfect when it comes to how to travel solo.

Security First

When you are going to a location almost unknown, it is important that you have all the security measures in place. The people, animals or the government itself might become an obstacle during your journey, so you gotta make sure you are safe while you travel. Here are some tips to keep yourself and your baggage safe:

  • Travel at night only when you have a weapon ready with you, it could be a knife, an axe or even a stick. So just in case you are attacked, you can use those weapons to defend yourself.
  • Wherever you go, make sure there’s a police station available in that area so, in case of an emergency, you can call up quick.
    Use Offline Google Maps to avoid losing your way and staying on track. Losing your way can lead you to a place that might very risky.
  • The best way to keep your luggage safe is to first get all the expensive things insured and then locked in your bag.
    Don’t forget your baggage anywhere, for this, what you can do is tie a knot in your bag and a tie one in your wrist so you don’t forget it anywhere. One thing to consider is to buy an anti-theft backpack, then you could be sure that all your items will be safe during your road adventures.

Healthy Traveler can make a healthy tour.

When you are traveling to places that differ from your place, there’s a strong chance that you might get sick because of change in climatic conditions. One of the examples of this could be, AMS(Altitude Mountain Sickness), Most of the people who decide to go for a Himalayan trip ascend the altitude so quickly that their body doesn’t get any time to acclimatize to the climate and that causes AMS to happen. Here are some tips to stay healthy during a trip :

  • Eat healthy , you might’ve heard about it a lot and it is very very important because your metabolism is responsible for your healthy and energetic body.
  • Most people, when on a budget travel eat cheap and unhealthy stuff which in turn causes their body to lose energy as well as gain unhealthy fat.
  • If on a budget travel, always ask the locals about the local delicacies and where you can try them. Nobody knows the locality better than the locals themselves.
  • Don’t go on trips beyond your healthy ability. I’ve seen a lot of unhealthy people planning for high-altitude treks where they have no idea how much effort is it gonna take and they end up getting sick and of course, the trip gets canceled. Always find a hospital nearby wherever you are heading to, so just in case something beyond your ability happens, you can rush to the hospital.
  • The most important one is to keep a First Aid-kit handy. People really underestimate the value of a Kit but it can be really really important in the situation of immediate injury.

Budget-Friendly backpacker.

As a solo traveler, you have to arrange your finances in order. Most of the backpackers end up closing their trip in half because they run on budget and believe it or not, it’s a horrible feeling. Traveling solo already puts up a lot of responsibilities on you so there’s a chance that you might miss out on financial matters. So here are the few tips you need to save more, but live more than enough.

  • Make your budget one month prior to your trip so you have enough time to check and recheck the budget and avoid the costs that are unnecessary
  • Your total amount of cash should be 20% more than what you are planning. If I’m planning a budget of Rs. 10000 for my next trip, I’ll keep with me Rs.12000 just in case something unexpected happens.
  • Always bargain for things of Human need like food, clothing and even shelter. You can bring down the prices of hotel rooms by 60% if you know the right way to Bargain.

Public Transport is always a good option.

Public transport is cheap, full of interesting people and above all, very safe. As there are a lot of people already traveling with you, there’s quite a less chance you are gonna get robbed or charged higher than the usual price. Plus solo doesn’t feel very boring if you have people with you to talk about life and then don’t get judged. Here are a few tips to help you with public transport if you have never tried it :

  • Try hitchhiking; it feels good to get a lift and also get to know new people while riding with them. Above all, it is free of cost.
  • Ask the locals about the cheapest buses Available as they would definitely know the answer to this. Never get to the inquiry counter first, locals are the best guides.
  • Do not use websites to get Public transport as it can get really expensive because those websites charge their own fee too. Instead, just rush to the actual ticket counter.


How can I miss out on this one? Right. As a solo traveler, try to keep your luggage very less. One rucksack is enough for a month-long trip if you know how to pack well. Taking in the travel essentials forms a very important part of your trip and you can learn more about packing and travel essentials here.

Still worried about how to travel solo? I bet you are not.

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