Motorcycle Vs Car: What’s the best choice for a Road trip?

Motorcycle Vs Car: What’s the best choice for a Road trip?

March 28, 2019 0 By Aristomenis

So you’re planning a road trip and unsure about the mode of transportation. I’ll help you with this. Keep Reading!

Road trips are the best. They offer the full-fledged experience of a Journey that is customized by you on the basis of time, halts and route.
For people who prefer adventure to be a part of their journey, leave your comfy flight and get on the road.

Road trips offer a lot of advantages such as :

1. Customisation
2. Cost-Effective 
3. Time Saver
4. More adventure
5. More sights to see
6. You Meet new people.

Now when you know how great road trips can be, you might have this question popping into your head that “A motorcycle or a car for a road trip? Whats best?”

Well, I’m gonna answer your question in the simplest form I can.

We’ll compare both on the basis of these pillars:
4.Adventure level

Motorcycle Vs Car: COST!

This is the first and believe me, the most important pillar of a road trip.
If we look at the Mileage each of the vehicles offer, we find that on average a motorcycle delivers a better mileage than a Car which makes it less close to refueling again and again. Most motorcycles offer mileage that is double the mileage of a car. This effectively saves the cost of fuel, which by the way is really expensive these days.
WINNER: Motorcycle

Motorcycle Vs Car: Duration

Duration of a trip can actually make a difference and change the plans if not predicted correctly. Normally, a car is bigger in size and is more likely to get stuck in traffic which can be a problem and push the duration of the trip. A motorcycle, on the other hand, can easily tackle traffic and make its way through almost any terrain.
WINNER: Motorcycle

Motorcycle Vs Car: Comfort

Talking about comfort, a car is superior when it comes to comfort. One can rest, sleep, sit and almost do anything in a car in his/her own comfort. A bike, on the other hand, doesn’t offer that sorta comfort for a person. Though bikes can be comfortable if they are cruisers or tourers but unless they belong in that category, you might not wanna trust a bike’s comfort.

Motorcycle Vs Car: Adventure Level

No journey is good without adventure. You need stories to tell, you need pictures to show and you need experiences to believe. The level of adventure and thrill you experience on a Motorcycle is way above what you can experience in a car and that is proven. With a motorcycle, you can take up almost any terrain, drive through any kinda road and above all, you can take routes a car can’t even touch.
WINNER: Motorcycle

Motorcycle Vs Car: Customisation

Here’s the best part, Customisation. How much can you customize your trip to suit your schedules? It usually takes a lot of preparation if you are in the car and you need to take routes that are equipped with good roads and less traffic. On a motorcycle anyhow, you can take any route, you can take any terrain and above all, you don’t need a lot of things to get going, you just need your Motorcycle. You can plan a trip anytime and can customize it to any level if you are traveling by motorcycle.
WINNER: Motorcycle

Motorcycle Vs Car: Luggage

The winner here is clearly a car because let’s face it, you can load up your motorcycle with a lot of luggage. Cars anyhow offer effective storage options for you to put your entire luggage in. If you decide to put up a lot of luggage on a motorcycle, it might get heavier and would make it tough to drive.

Motorcycle Vs Car: People

The final and most important of all is how many people can come with you. If you are on a bike, you can only take one person with you but when you are in a car, you can take 4-5 people easily making it a fun trip.
If you like traveling with your friends or family, a car is recommended for sure.
BUT if you like traveling solo or with one best friend, get a Bike.

So here are the results of this Match.

Motorcycle wins the majority of the categories so I say Motorcycles are the best for road trips. I PERSONALLY like MOTORCYCLES for any road trip and travel by them. Car loses but that doesn’t mean it is useless, both have their purposes listed below.PURPOSE:

For solo, a motorcycle fits best.
For a group, a car is recommended.
For adventure, a motorcycle
For comfort, a Car.

Both are equally good and can be chosen on your will or way of travel.

What is your choice for a Road trip?

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