The 10 best gifts for travelers.

The 10 best gifts for travelers.

December 18, 2018 0 By Artemis

Christmas is almost here and you are planning to spend the holidays with your favorite people who happen to love traveling. Yay! And you are wondering which gift is the right one for everyone, but you have no idea where to look for! Worry no more my friend, for, we here onTravel on Budget, have made all the research for you! So, with no further ado, here are the best and most suited gifts for travellerson a variety of budgets!

1. Ultralight Travel Packing Cubes



Packing Cubes


The perfect gift for the organized type. How many times you wished you had bought those ultra-lightweight organizers to fit your lingerie, socks and tiny items in your suitcase, but you neglected it and now you have to deal with this chaotic stack of clothes, toiletries, and cables that dance awkwardly in your carry-on? Never again! Gift those travel packing cubes to your beloved and they will remember you on every trip!

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2. Destinations of a Lifetime: 225 of the World’s Most Amazing Places


Destination of a lifetime


A photo book that must decorate every traveler’s bookcase. A complete and throughout the guide to Earth’s best kept secret destinations by a prestigious name. National Geographic tours you on a photographic journey of the most exquisite destinations and provides you with impeccable travel ideas, so you can design your next trip. The endless list of 225 magnificent places is more than profound. Dynamic cityscapes, exceptional landscapes, and surprising districts compose the ultimate travel guide, stocked with all the information you need about the best time of the year to visit, where to lunch and dine and most important with the finest accommodation and the most interesting thing to do.

3. A slim and smart backpack


Slim and smart backpack


This stylish backpack is perfect to carry your essentials when you are walking around the city all day long exploring. Its unbelievable number of pockets allow you to keep all your smaller items together with easy any-minute access. Wallet, tablet, or laptop, passport, umbrella, pens and notebook or sketchbook, scarf and some spare clothes, your name it and you can fit it in! Plus it comes in a variety of colors you can choose and personalize it even more! I personally wouldn’t like to miss this one with vertical and horizontal luggage-handle that adapts to your needs.

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4. Smart jewelry storage


jewelry storage
Smart jewelry storage


This is definitely for your stylish friend that wants to keep themselves adorned along their travels. Taking photos when you look at your best is sure good for your memories, your Instagram account, and your photo frame. So having a beautiful organizer for your accessories is essential. Necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets will be in place, separated and ready to wear, uplifting your mood and your image.

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5. Travelers ultimate vest


travel vest
Ultimate travel vest


If your friend is a light traveler and explorer who likes to keep their hands free this is the right gift for them! The amazing, waterproof vest with 26 pockets strategically designed, will become the perfect piece of cloth to hide all your valuable things and accessories in a smart, casual style. Its breathable, lightweight design is suitable for hot/warm climates and is an excellent fit for hikers, cyclists, climbers and travelers. That is due to the reason that you can not only keep your smartphone in place but your credit card, keys, flashlight, pen and paper, and even your tablet if you wish! This piece should not be missed by any explorer’s closet!

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6. The Travel Book


The travel book
The travel book


Every serious traveler must enrich their home library with a book like this. A journey through every country in the world unfolds in front of your friend’s eyes and inspires them for their next big adventure. It’s an essential travel guide for the sophisticated traveler, that provides 448-page information about less known destinations.

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7. Genius weekend travel bag


Weekend travel bag
Weekend travel bag


A splendid present for the weekend runaway. If your friend explores anew destination every weekend and is on the look for short and comfortable trips, then this a gift they will be thankful for! Designed by premium materials such as genuine leather and strong, metal hardware that makes its outline fashionable in a classic way. Sewed with sustainable, outer pockets and shoe compartment, this shoulder bag is more than ideal. Stylish and convenient provides more than enough clothes and spare items capacity and is able to carry everything you will need for a weekend trip!

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8. Humans of New York


book humans of new york
Humans of New York Stories


Brandon Standon unveils the stories of ordinary New Yorkers and gives us a glimpse of the people from the city that has become the center of the modern world. This book may not seem like it’s a travel essential but if you look closer you will notice the similarities with a travel book that is focused on the big apple. This is the perfect gift for the traveler that wishes to cross the cultural paths of New York.

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9. Suitcase Set


coolife 3 luggage set

Suitcase Set


It is a fact that every thoughtful traveler needs the right set of suitcases. Sometimes they need to take a low-cost flight with luggage restrictions and some others have plenty of space for their luggage. In either case, they have to be prepared with the right suitcase size for every occasion. So, it will be a blessing to gift your friend with the right set to keep in their disposal and they will keep you in their mind every they travel comfortably.

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10. Portable Espresso Machine


Portable Espresso Machine


For the eclectic backpacker that can’t live without their morning espresso and makes no compromises about it. This is a portable espresso machine that allows you to make your favorite coffee with little effort. They can prepare amazing coffee shots in high quality, even when they are far from home. Anywhere, at any time. Plus they now come in cool new colors!

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