Young and broke? 10 reasons you will love Southeast Asia

Young and broke? 10 reasons you will love Southeast Asia

October 2, 2018 0 By Aristomenis

Travelling and experiencing new places, cultures is one of the greatest joys of life. It not only broadens a person’s horizons it also fills an individual’s life with enriching experiences that are stamped in memory for life. A lot of young people who have just finished their studies or are on a vacation look to go on a holiday tour to relax and have a good time. One of the top priorities in their list of dream destinations is always the European countries.

However planning a trip to Europe is very expensive and if you are broke then it is unlikely that you can afford to visit the European countries. However there is a great cheaper alternative destination that is equally exotic, enjoyable and offers amazing experience to the visitors. The Southeast Asia is an affordable destination that offers great value for money to the tourists and is worth its weight in gold. The Southeast Asia has always been a favorite destination for budget travelers over the years.

Once you go and visit Southeast Asia you will get to experience some of the most fascinating food cuisines, vibrant culture, affordable packages, great people and immensely satisfying travel experience.  So if you are young and broke, here are 10 reasons you will absolutely love Southeast Asia and what it has to offer.

beach thailand

1) Scintillating food

The amazing food of this region is one of biggest attractions for anyone wanting to go on a holiday. The Southeast Asian countries are home to some of the best cuisines and food that you will ever get to taste anywhere in the world. From the Vietnamese banquets to the street snacks of Bangkok to the Malaysian curry, the food in this region is a delight and worth going to these places alone. The countries of Southeast Asia are unique in the sense that nowhere else can you find food and cuisines that are so diverse, colorful, vibrant and enjoyable that you find here.

If you are in Bangkok then some of the most delightful dishes and food that you must surely try include Pad Thai, Banana roti, Cha yen, Jok, Som tam, Kaeng massammam, Indian and Chinese amongst others. These are some of the most delicious food items found in Southeast Asia that you will crave long after you’ve come back home from the holidays. Each of these dishes have their own flavor that reflects the rich culture of the Southeast Asian region and each come with their unique specific style. If you are in Southeast Asia or in Bangkok in particular then you must definitely try some of these dishes to enrich your taste buds with the goodness of Southeast Asian food.


2) Budget friendly

The budget and finance is a huge factor when deciding on any holiday destination. There are a lot of popular destinations around Europe and America that are very expensive and require a considerable chunk of financial investment. If you are young and don’t have a high paying job then it is likely that you can’t afford these extravagant holiday packages. In such a scenario the alternative holiday destinations that are cheap and budget friendly act as a life saver.

The Southeast Asia provides that budget friendly holiday option that isn’t very exhausting on your wallet and yet serves as a fantastic holiday destination. In some of the Southeastern countries you can get on even with anywhere between 15$ to 35$ per day. In comparison the trip to Europe would cost considerably more thus it means you get to spend more days in South eastern countries for the same money. The accommodation, hotels, transport, food and shopping are all mostly cheaper than other destinations. Cambodia and Malaysia are two of the Southeast Asian countries where you can get cheap travel packages and enjoy the best of locales and exotic tourist places.

Patuxai Victory Gate Vientiane, Laos

Patuxai Victory Gate Vientiane, Laos

3) Ease of transport

The transport in the Southeast Asia is robust and enables the tourist to navigate the different cities conveniently. What helps is the fact that the cost of transport is not too steep either thus paving way for affordable modes of transport. Some of the common modes of transport that you can find in Southeast Asia includes budget airlines, bus network, private cars and trains. The tourist department in these Southeast Asian countries have made special efforts and created a comprehensive structure to enable the tourists to move around conveniently and help them with their transportation requirements.

There are various factors to consider while deciding to choose your mode of transport in Southeast Asia. The most important of that being the safety. If you are planning to travel at night via bus or other mode of transport it is important for you to establish that the specific mode of transport is safe for travel. You must talk to people around you and read the opinions of people who have used that mode of transport before to understand what to expect from that specific journey. You must also have all your essential stuff such as documents and phone with you all the time in back-pack or a bag.

Before you decide on any specific mode of transport it is helpful to know about the journey and understand the various aspects and factors associated with it so that you are properly prepared for any situation that arises. Normally there aren’t any major issues and the transportation as a whole is very smooth in the Southeast Asian countries however it doesn’t hurt to be prepared specially if you are in a foreign land.

4) Tech savvy

The Southeast Asian countries are mostly high on tech and have large layers of connectivity in most of its locations. Thus you don’t need to worry about not being connected via internet or phone. Almost all the hotels and guest houses provide reliable Wi-Fi internet connection to the customers thus helping build a strong tech savvy brand. You also get television sets, intercom connectivity and other cool features in the hotels in Southeast Asian countries. The Southeast Asia is also home to a large number of sophisticated and latest electronic gadgets and gizmos. If you want to go out on shopping and buy some of the cool electronic products for yourselves on the cheap then Southeast Asia is a great place to do so.

5) Amazing beaches

Southeast Asia is a home to some of the finest and the most glorious beaches around the world. These amazing beaches are extremely popular amongst the tourists and are frequented round the year. There are a lot of great activities that you can indulge in on those beaches such as scuba diving, snorkeling and Para-gliding amongst a host of other fun things. Or you can just choose to relax and chill on the beachside hammock soaking in the great sunny weather. The beaches in Southeast Asia are one of the biggest draws and attraction to a large number of tourists across the globe.

The beaches of Thailand specifically are picturesque perfect and thus it is hardly a surprise they are amongst the most preferred beaches of the world. An island in Thailand represents a perfect setting of harmony and nature’s beauty : crystal clear water, blue skies, white sand and palm trees.  Some of the islands and beaches in Thailand are covered with mountains and jungles. If you are looking to visit the islands or beaches of Thailand then the best time to visit is during December to March. Some of the well known beach destinations in Thailand are Phuket, Ko Chang, Ko Samet and Ko Samui amongst a few others. Phuket is the largest and the most popular beach island in Thailand by far. So let us have a brief look at Phuket and what it has got to offer to the tourists from across the world.

Phuket is an extremely bustling island beach with loads of stuff to do and sort of a tourist paradise in Thailand. It is a bit more expensive in comparison to some other beaches in Thailand but it also has a lot more to offer than its counterparts. There are a host of fun activities that you can try out in Phuket such as paragliding, scuba diving, kite surfing, jet-skiing, banana boating and snorkeling to name a few. There are also top class malls in and around the beach where you can go watch movies in high definition in air conditioned settings as well as eat food and have refreshments. There are some of the finest dining options and restaurants on these beaches for you to eat once you are hungry post all the water based activities.

If you want some peace away from all the madness of mainstream beaches and the commotion of visitors then you can choose to go on some of the smaller secluded beaches and build your camp over there. If you love camping then you should not forget to bring along the pop up tents so that you can build your own camp wherever you find it suitable. The pop up tents are a great way of exploring faraway places and experiencing the unique beauty of nature. There are various other affordable beaches with great and amazing food that are worth exploring too. Having a local tour guide can be a big help in assisting you find the best of tourist destinations at your budget.

Im Nationalparc koh rok yai findet man sehr schöne Strände. Great beaches in the national parc koh rok yai.

Great beaches in the national parc koh rok yai.

6) Big cities

The Southeast Asia is a home to some of the biggest metro cities and modern townships that you can find anywhere. The giant sky-scrapers witnessing the sea of flashing lights on the streets in the night is a sight to behold. It’s like a constant melting pot of vibrant sights and sound. Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur etc provide a dose of adrenaline rush that can only be experienced after visiting these cities. Many of these cities are a fusion of contemporary architecture against the backdrop of old traditions and culture. It’s a nice mix of the old and the new which makes these cities one of the most unique places in the world.

Some of the cities in Southeast Asia play host to the biggest parties on the globe and the nightlife in these cities is extremely vivacious and worth experiencing to be believed. The parties held in Bali, Vang Vieng, Gili Trawangan and Khaosan are specifically renowned for their extravagant nature. The youngsters and tourists visiting Southeast Asia make it a point to visit these parties so that they can soak in some of the most electric atmosphere and vibes that you can only experience in these parties. The region of Koh Samui is a big hit amongst the visitors as it is now known as the land of parties for its lavish gatherings.

Petronas Towers

Petronas Towers

7) Historical significance

The region of Southeast Asia has deep historical ties to various civilizations such as Angkor, Champa and the Javans. The magnificent structures from those eras are still present and as a tourist you can go and visit those places to truly appreciate the historical as well as cultural significance of the ancient architecture. The pagodas of Bagan, the ruins of the Angkor Wat as well as the neatly maintained ancient temples are some of the places of great tourist interest.

The Southeast Asia region also has a piece of modern history that is worth learning and exploring. Not all of it is necessarily pleasant however it does provide us a lesson in the horrors of war and bloodshed. The Vietnam war, terror of Khmer Rouge as well as the bombing of Laos are some of the significant modern historical events that still resonate in these places. When you visit any new place, then understanding the geo political and historical facts about these places is one of the most fulfilling experiences that you can have and the Southeast Asia region is no different.

wat temple thailand

Wat temple Thailand

8) Rich and diverse culture

The culture of Southeast Asia is too vibrant, vivid and diverse to do it proper justice in a few brief sentences or paragraphs. The number of traditions, beliefs, lifestyle, language, fashion and customs in a relatively small area is mind-boggling and extremely fascinating to experience. The music, art and writing in Southeast Asia is very diverse and rich in its identity as well as has historical significance. A lot of the Southeast Asian countries have worked actively in order to ensure that their traditions and culture are preserved even as the waves of modern life sweeps through the entire region. The history and culture are a significant part of any civilization and it is what makes each region unique as well as profound. If you truly want to experience some of the most diverse practices and rituals then the Southeast Asia is a perfect place to learn all about it. You will be blown away by the diversity and the vibrant, vivid nature of the way people live their lives in these regions.  

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat

9) The people

One of the best things you will experience when visiting Southeast Asia is the warmth of the friendly, welcoming and happy people that you meet in these regions. Even though some of these countries have experienced adversity in the recent times, the general outlook of the people here is usually positive and optimistic. The visitors who have spent significant amount of time in these regions have got some of the most heart-warming tales to tell about the people in these areas. An invitation to the dinner of a local or participation in the wedding reception of a Laotian or merely indulging in an enriching conversation with the driver of a tuk tuk in Cambodia, there are heart-warming stories galore told by the tourists.

The people of any specific area, region or country define the place and the people of Southeast Asia are a credit to their individual countries. Even though there is diversity in their cultures, practices and faith there is definitely unity amongst diversity that symbolizes a positive image of universal bonding. It is worth going to these places and understanding the lives of the local people and listening to their tales to truly appreciate the diversity of human race as well as values that bind us.

Country Vietnam Travel River Boat

Country Vietnam Travel River Boat

10) Weather

The Southeast Asia has one of the best weather patterns that you can find anywhere in the world. The region has set specific seasons of summer, winter and rains. The overall climate of Southeast Asia is usually tropical and thus it is mostly warm on average throughout the year. If you are looking to escape cold, bitter and frosty weather conditions then visiting Southeast Asia is one of the best decisions you will ever make. The weather here is ideal for great outings on the beach and getting that precious tan on your body. If it’s too hot then you can take a dip in the sea and enjoy the water activities. It is important that you must remain hydrated in order to guard against dehydration.

These are some of the great experiences and things that you can expect when visiting Southeast Asia.


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