Top 10 Budget Destinations for  Honeymoon

Top 10 Budget Destinations for Honeymoon

October 15, 2018 0 By Aristomenis

If you have recently had a big budget wedding, one that you and your spouse always dreamed of, then
your honeymoon plans must have been disturbed financially. Well, it makes a lot of sense. You must
have already broken the bank spending all those savings planning the most memorable and wonderful
wedding to kick-start your lifelong journey together.
Now it is time to plan the perfect honeymoon, and you are short on a small budget. This is where this
article comes in handy. It lists down the 10 most affordable honeymoon destinations that are equally
romantic, fun, and make for a perfect getaway after heavy nuptials.

  1. Florida Keys

    Couples are really looking forward to visiting the Caribbean for a perfect honeymoon vacation. But, that
    is slightly expensive if you include traveling, resort expenses, food, shopping, and other miscellaneous
    costs. The Florida Keys is a more affordable option for your honeymoon and it feels just like the
    The Caribbean too.
    You can simply drive all the way there saving on travel expenses, and the journey will be amazing owing
    to the scenic highway that is covered with palm trees on the sides, the chilly breeze, and a perfect
    oceanic view. It is a place that houses adventures such as snorkeling, swimming with the dolphins, and
    contemplating while watching the gorgeous sunset.

    florida keys

  2. Mexico

    This one is well-known for its affordable honeymoon destinations, where you get to enjoy adventures
    such as snorkeling, swimming, surfing, and much more. If you are planning to spend a peaceful evening
    at a beachside, then México is there.
    The resorts that you find in Tulum, Mexico are quite reasonable and are equipped with all the facilities
    that you would pay more for at a five-star hotel. The Freedom Paradise hotel seems like an ideal place to
    spend time with your spouse. It opens up to sand and sea, where you both get to enjoy the sunset.


  3. Colorado

    The Rocky Mountains in Colorado makes for the most beautiful and awe-inspiring view if you are fond of
    dramatic mountains scenery. The Rocky Mountain Park and Estes Park are located close to each other so
    you can plan to visit both at your convenient time.
    Estes Park features a range of secluded cabins, B&BS, and resorts where you can stay for a couple of
    nights while exploring the beauty that surrounds you in those Rocky Mountains. You can also book
    private rooms that feature Jacuzzi on the deck overlooking the river, a perfect recipe for a tranquil
    evening with your spouse, sipping on premium champagne.


  4. Ireland

    Another affordable honeymoon destination is Ireland. If you are all for landscaping, postcard sceneries,
    and vibrant greens, then you ought to visit the Emerald’s Isle west coast. It is the best thing that Ireland
    has to offer to the couples who are out on a romantic getaway.
    The area features beautiful and charming villages, castles, and green fields that you cannot get enough
    of. Moreover, you will find a number of affordable bed and breakfast accommodations in the area
    including thatched-roof cottages that overlook the amazing Atlantic view.


  5. Jamaica

    Jamaica is all about sandy beaches and cascading waterfalls, and it was made for that picture-perfect
    honeymoon spot. If you plan to visit the waterfalls, you should not miss Negril and Mayfield fall at any
    A guide can take you around the place, and you will discover things about the place that you never
    knew. The stories are amazing, but even more amazing are that place, the serenity that surrounds it, and
    its beautiful views. Once you visit Jamaica, you will be taken aback by just how amazing nature is. It
    allows you an opportunity to try cliff jumping and other adventures with your spouse.


  6. Italy

    Every couple dreams about visiting Italy for a honeymoon, but its heavy cost makes the entire visit
    unromantic. Not anymore. If you are looking to spend a few romantic nights with your newlywed spouse
    in Italy, you must visit Puglia, which is basically the new Capri according to tourists.
    Puglia is not so expensive and it provides you with an opportunity to enjoy the same mesmerizing
    picturesque towns, hilly views, and the best ever seafood, but at a much lower cost than Capri. So, book
    a hotel now, before you change your mind.


  7. Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico is the ultimate honeymoon destination with its amazing beaches, seaside forts, and
    gorgeous scenic views. The capital city is perfect for couples who are traveling on a small budget. You
    can plan to visit the rainforests, museums, cafes, and other historical sites as part of your honeymoon
    When you reach there, do not forget to explore Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico and Cathedral of San
    Juan Bautista. Your trip remains incomplete if you miss out on these must-see tourists’ sites.


  8. Cook Islands

    Here is another affordable honeymoon destination that you must consider. The island of Rarotonga in
    the Cook Islands is a perfect place to spend quality, romantic, and fun time together with your spouse.
    There are numerous shops, museums, cafes, and restaurants that provide an ambiance like no other and
    adventures that you never tried in your life. Enjoy snorkeling under caves, canyons, and sunken
    shipwrecks, an experience like no other.

    cook islands

  9. Philippines

    The Philippines features modern accommodations, romantic and fun-filled activities, and much more for
    you and your spouse to have a blast at your honeymoon. The weather, atmosphere, and scenic views
    are all worth it. If you can afford to travel further in the country, Manila is the optimal choice.

    beach oslob philippines

  10. Thailand

    Lastly, Thailand makes for an exceptional honeymoon destination for a couple that is traveling on a
    small budget. The country is pretty diverse and has a lot to offer in terms of reasonable
    accommodations, great shopping experiences, tourist spots, and a happening nightlife.
    If you are more of an explorer, you must visit temples in Chiang Mai and Koh Phi Phi. These are the best
    architectural places in the city. Allow yourself to fall in love all over again in Thai bungalows while
    swimming under the stars.


If you are on a tight budget for your honeymoon, try out these destinations. They offer amazing
sightseeing, accommodation, and food. You would definitely love it.

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