How to find the cheapest air tickets!

How to find the cheapest air tickets!

October 12, 2018 2 By Aristomenis

It is a fact that air tickets are perhaps the biggest expense for your trip – so a cheap flight ticket or a deal can be considered really important.
If you are looking for airline tickets but you can not find cheap ones and you are constantly delaying the trip then you are on the right place. Here you will find the best ways to find cheap airline tickets!

You should be aware that there are several reasons that air travel is quite expensive. Airlines have reduced available seats – since they have shortened routes – so when supply drops while demand stays high, there is no reason to lower prices. As long as international oil prices have fallen, airlines have not reduced fares as much as they should.
But that does not mean that everything is against you. With the right search and the hunting of offers, you will be able to travel economically to any destination you wish!
Here are the 11 most important things you need to follow in order to find cheap air tickets!

how to find cheap flight tickets

  • Ignore the myths

There are several myths about finding cheap flights such as early booking, booking a specific day of the week, paying in a certain way, and so on. Our travel experience has shown that you have to ignore all these myths if you really want to travel cheaply! This does not mean, however, that you can not find a better price, a few hours before departure! If the airplane still has empty seats, the company will be forced to offer cheap flights!

  • Be flexible with the dates of the trip

If you are traveling for leisure, then it is most likely that you can change the dates of your trip a bit! Prices on air tickets change according to the season, holidays, holidays, and so on. For example, August is the month of holidays, so it is natural that air travel prices – and hotels – are particularly high during that time. If you can change your dates for a while – making your trip in September, you will save enough money from your total budget!
If you’re going to travel on holidays, then prepare to pay more for your air tickets and also close them a long time ago, as availability will be reduced quickly!
Finally, do not forget that it’s always cheaper to travel on weekdays than to fly on the weekend. Because most people travel the weekends, airlines keep prices high in those days, as opposed to every day where demand is less!

  • Be flexible with your destinations

As with dates, you can also be flexible with your destination. If the criterion of choice is the combination of price and location, then you can search for a number of destinations that will offer both cheap airfares and worthy of what you are looking for. Airline search engines have made the traveler’s life very easy. You can now simply enter the dates of your trip (within ± 7 days) as well as the departure airport and the machine will show you the best and most economical destinations!

  • All web pages do not show the same prices!

Maybe all travel agencies can “buy” the same wholesale prices from IATA, but that does not mean they sell at the same prices. Some offices can work directly with airlines and thus have better rates on some routes. On the other hand, each travel agency defines its own sales prices based on what it deems right and fair as well as with current supply and demand.

  • Discover low cost airlines

Low-cost airlines are companies that offer airfares at a lower price than conventional companies with fewer benefits. Ryanair, for example, offers air travel from just 16 € including a handbag of up to 10kg as well as a personal item such as personal bag or laptop bag/photo bag.On the contrary, coffee and food on the plane are charged extra by the company! But if you can find cheap airfares, who cares about free food or coffee? Discover the great prices on Ryanair flights and experience a new way to travel around the world by simply reducing the benefits you would get onboard from another company! Other examples of low-cost airlines are wizz air, Easyjet, Iberia e.t.c.

  • Do not just look at direct flight.

Definitely, direct flights are the most relaxed and shorter. But what would you say if instead of a major 5-hour flight, you were knocking it on 2 different 7-hour flights, with a difference of 300 € on airfares? When you search for the airline, always look at all the alternatives that you have, such as different companies, other routes, routes through third-party airports,
By closing with 2 different airlines and “breaking” a route to two, you can earn enough money from your tickets!
A good website to find such routes is Jetradar. This website will help you discover all the airlines that fly to the place you want, as well as “cut off” the route on 2, with 2 different routes!
On our website, you can find cheap air tickets through Jetradar and make direct bookings for the route you want at the best possible price!

  • Are you a student?

Take advantage of discounts if you are a student or younger under 26! Most companies offer discount packages for young people and / or students to give them incentives to travel!

  • Book early, but not too early!

Surely booking too early will not bring you any profit. Your booking should be made approximately 50-60 days before departure for domestic destinations in the low season and 70-90 days for destinations abroad or domestic in high season.
Do not try to make a reservation 180 days ago because the prices will be the same as 100 days later – although perhaps the chances of being reduced are more if the demand is small!

  • Sign up for miles programs

If you travel more than 3 times a year, then you should seriously consider signing up for a miles reward program. These programs reward frequent travelers with free air tickets and/or other benefits. So, the more you travel, the more you earn!

  • Search for air tickets seperately

If you want to book tickets for several people together, then it is a good idea to search individually for each one. Airlines when they see a search that contains a number of passengers usually increase the ticket price, without there being any obvious reason. On the other hand, if you make different bookings for each of the passengers, then there is a big possibility to save enough money from the total cost!

  • Think about the final cost of the trip

Sometimes – especially in low-cost airlines – airfares are cheap enough, however, with extra costs such as moving to the city as the airport is far off, food on the plane, etc, the ticket price comes to one another with a conventional company. So, it is good to put the data down and calculate the final cost until you arrive at your hotel.

Follow these tips and you will definitely find cheap airfares for your next trip!

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