How to avoid tourist traps when you travel.

How to avoid tourist traps when you travel.

September 2, 2018 0 By Aristomenis

Traveling the whole world is one fascinating experience that you ever get a chance to explore. You can see the world, broaden your horizons and experience new and different things. It is all good unless you get into the tourist trap. Everyone mixes in the settings and get savvy to avoid getting tricked. Unluckily, there are some people who make their living off taking benefit of the experienced travelers. The last thing you ever want is the major travel trap to disrupt your getaway time. Every year, many tourists flock to their iconic and favored destinations to get recharged and refresh for the realities of daily life. Travelling has become easier than before, and as the popularity increases the scamming opportunists are also inundated with the chances to trade in on an unknowing tourist. So, here are some tourist traps that every traveler needs to be aware of when they start their journey. These are some common practices applied by the people, let us see all of them in detail.

What precisely is the tourist trap?

It’s the heavily advertised attraction, which attracts the unsuspecting travelers away from their time and money without giving any insight and authenticity to places that they are visiting. In a case of some must-visit tourist locations, popular doesn’t necessarily mean worthwhile, particularly when big mobs of iPhone carrying travelers and ridiculous rates are in a mix. Obviously, there are some iconic landmarks as well as experiences that each traveler must need to have, then there are the tourist traps which try and separate the unsuspecting tourist from their money. Fortunately, you do not need to succumb yourself to getting duped. Here’re some simple and effective ways you can avoid tourist trap when next time you plan to travel to the lesser known areas of the world.

Do not carry your tourist style everywhere

The majority of the people can immediately spot the tourist person right away. They tend to look a bit out of place when they explore the new surroundings. If you do not want to stand like the sore thumb (invite unwanted attention), then do a little research before you start your journey. Suppose it is the new country and locale that you have never visited, then study on what locals wear. Go for the comfortable and on-trend outfits, which can allow you to mix in. You would like explore without any worry about anybody planning to take benefit of the unwitting tourist.

Make your personal tour without anybody’s help

Whereas many tours assure you incredible times, but they often will not be very enthralling — and costly to boot. You need to do a little research before you start the trip and make your tour of an area. In that way you are in total control of everything; like where you are going, how much you stay, or amount you spend. You will not need to drop plenty on the overpriced tour guide. Many art galleries and museums give complete packets for a very nominal fee (you may look up the facts on phone). It is the fun and immersive way of seeing most of a city and make sure you do not miss any single thing. There’re many websites that will help you to create your tour, and do a little exploring and know which one will be good for you.

All time stay cool and serene

Doesn’t matter how much hard you try, but there are a few tourist spots that you might get tempted to visit. Suppose you choose to see the Empire State Building or Mona Lisa, then go for it —however get prepared to wait a little. Look for the times, which are less popular, and check out the crowd and know how long you have to wait. You need to stay cool and bring activities that will keep you a little busy when you are waiting. There are some places, where your wait is inevitable — and we promise your patience is going to reward in the end.

Avoid eating food near tourist location

Food near major attraction will be double the rate and half of the flavor than what you will find elsewhere. Because when restaurants know that people are not coming back, they will not need to worry of consistent quality. But tourist does not know much about the quality of local food. For them it is all very amazing, and many are quite happy to return knowing how they ate delicious pizza near the Colosseum. Restaurants generally lack incentive of being top-notch.

Never exchange cash at the airport

You are looking for the worst exchange if you ever do so. To get the best rates, you can use a credit card. It can be simple and you are ensured that you won’t get ripped off. Do not exchange any money till you have to (there are the times when you do not have any option). Suppose you ever want to exchange your money, you can try at bank downtown and where you will get good rates and lesser fees. Use more credit cards than cash.

No need of traveler’s checks

These are the checks issued by the banks for the predetermined value, which allow the traveler to exchange this check for money anywhere in this world. Before credit card and ATM acceptance, this was a good way for the travelers to have an access to their money without carrying cash. They’re totally useless nowadays, with only some banks keen to accept it and giving very little protection when they’re lost and stolen. You do not need to use it anymore.

Pick-Pocketing & Stealing

You need to be aware of the pickpockets in the areas that are frequented by the tourists, markets and crowded streets, buses, sights, etc. There will be one or more working together. So, it is recommended not to pursue them since they carry knives to force the getaway. One thief might distract and bump to the victim and other steals. You can use money belts and put all your valuables where it is tough to get at. Suppose you have backpacker, put this in front.

Selling Stolen Phones

Don’t talk to people who are looking to sell you any stuff on the street. They may say it is the stolen goods and price is cheap. But, if you buy it, then they can switch this to fake phone when you’re not paying any attention. Selecting the reliable travel agency for arranging your trip is always a best way in order to avoid any tourist traps.

Book your trip on time

It is good to get very excited about the trip and —make it feel very real — and book your hotel, flight, and resort immediately. So, you are done and finally going on a tour! But it is a big mistake that you will. You will actually end up in paying more. While it comes about travel, the early bird does not always get good deals. Do not be overeager and wait for the right deals to come. For the flight, wait for 3 to 4 months before the trip. It is when the airlines begin to raise and lower their prices based on the demand. For tour groups and cruises, wait until the last minute. The companies need to fill tours and boats, thus they give amazing deals just to fill the unused space — nobody will set off their boat half full.

Inviting strangers for tea can be a mistake

It is the classic scam that involves a stranger inviting you to drink tea, or have dinner and practice some English. They will then find any excuse to escape, to make you pay the bill. Never drink tea and have dinner with strangers. Suppose you are looking to make friends, ensure you choose the right place, see menu while ordering your food and keep that menu with you.

Stop by the local tourist board

At tourist office you will get advice on the current festivals, events, and other important information that you will not find it in any of the guidebooks. Because it is their duty to know where you are traveling and they are getting paid for helping you out. Whenever you visit a new city, make sure you first head to your tourism office and look for the information about what to see or do, and where you will find the best deals. They’ve got discount cards and maps, and they will help you to book your accommodations and other important things. So, it can prove to be very helpful to you.

Avoiding these mistakes can help you save time, stop wasting your money, find rewarding and good travel experiences. So get off your beaten path, and enjoy your traveling experience. You just have to put in a little extra work, and you will save good amount, and less you spend, more you will travel! So, be smart and learn the best way to travel with complete ease.

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