Best European cities to travel on a budget.

Best European cities to travel on a budget.

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Best European cities to travel on a budget.

From Dubrovnik to Majorca, these cities have a wide range of enjoyments including museums,
restaurants and galleries, all for the reasonable rate. Europe is quite expensive: particularly when you
think about the places like London, Rome and Paris. The irresistible blend of culture, landscape and
history, this continent is one money-snatching fiend on the good times. However, suppose you visit
Europe at a right time and stay away from the big places, you can shake off this horrendous spending
technique and enjoy this place more. Thus, get your book and pen, pack your bag and check the Best
European cities to travel on a budget.

Andalusia in Spain

Cheap beer, tapas, beautiful cities and countryside for many days – this magnificent part of the southern
Spain actually does have everything. With the likes of Jerez, Seville, Granada, Málaga and Córdoba under
the name, you do not have to bother exploring other European city as you will find everything in one
place. The wonderful tradition of the free tapas originates in this area of the world that means you may
taste the Iberian flavors peanuts, and suppose you want to continue the budget adventure, then take a
ferry to Morocco. If not, then exquisite museums, magical histories, and amazing people are out there
waiting to welcome you in a Spanish style.


Gdansk in Poland

There is so much of history hidden in this grainy port town at the Baltic Riviera of Gdansk. The shipyard
crane goes back to the 15th century, and the city was a birthplace of Solidarity anti-communist action.
Celeb status apart, this place looks totally ancient but this is actually hip, and modern. After you have
explored this buzzing city, you can head towards coastal part of Sopot for the beach party. Have a fun
time over there

Gdańsk Długi Targ


Berlin is the best European destination for budget traveler. If you’re looking for something, which can
make you feel rich in culture, there is not any better place than Berlin. Cool, eccentric, and wild, Berlin is
a diverse city and popular for its uniqueness, with independent museums, cool walkways, contemporary
arts, great music, and thriving theaters all, along with some major cultural and historic attractions such
as the Reichstag, Museum Island, Checkpoint Charlie, as well as Daniel Libeskind’s Jewish Museum.


Transylvania in Romania

Thanks to its perfect geography layout, Romania is now becoming one popular destination for people
who’re looking for the right ways to visit Europe on the budget. Transylvanian Alps are the mountain
ranges, which are well known for rock-climbing, hiking, wild camping, horseback riding, and whitewater
rafting with the wonderful caving in a wide network under the hills.



The prices in this hunter's paradise are rising swiftly. However, it is possible to find the travel offers in
this wonderful European destination, particularly if you brave the Czech Republic's weather. You may
tour other attractions for the small entrance fee, and good local eats are not tough to find. Now Prague
attracts many tourists from all over the world. However, the picturesque downtown veils the dark
legacy and the resilient past. Going back to 870 AD, Prague has endured many invasions, overthrows,
floods and fires. Today, the storied churches, daunting hilltop castle, narrow streets, and statue bridges
create a perfect scene of the urban fairy tale.



Some cities of Europe rival Athens when we talk about historical importance. The moment sun rises on
the marble monuments of the Acropolis and fills cobblestone streets all along the base, the people of
Athens come out of their homes to visit the local markets and sidewalk chess games. In Athens, life
moves slowly, it feels like the city is reveling to the blissful retirement from the glory days as the cultural
and political powerhouse.

The Acropolis in Athens, Greece.

The Acropolis in Athens, Greece.


Lying on the Mediterranean Sea shores and available by the high-speed train of Madrid and Barcelona,
the colorful Spanish city of Valencia boasts beaches, quirky festivals and museums. However, real perk is
prices are much lower than any other destinations of Europe. Valencia is very pleasing to eyes like it is to
your wallet. Green hues in Old Turía River Gardens contrast its shimmering golden sand as well as
sparkling cerulean beaches. And the color of the oranges is very rich to the taste.



Portugal’s capital gives everything that you will expect from the European tour at the fraction of the cost
of the flashier cities. You may hang your hat on the top-notch hotel as well as enjoy some mouth
watering food without cutting any corners. Or, you can spend your entire day exploring this city’s
historic neighborhoods.


Riga, Latvia

Largest of the 3 Baltic capitals, Riga in Latvia is a home to an assorted mix of the Gothic spires, Soviet
block housing, Art Nouveau buildings, and creative restaurants & nightlife. At the historic heart is the
Old Town, which is also the UNESCO heritage site. You can also scale at St. Peter’s Church, it is the tallest
church of the city, and get the aerial view, which extends to Riga Bay and Daugava River. After that, visit
the House of Blackheads, former merchant guild, which houses both the tourist information office &
museum. Around this city center, you may visit stunning Art Nouveau buildings at Alberta iela, and view
Freedom monument, you can stop by Central Market, which is housed in 5 zeppelin hangars that haggle
over fresh vegetables and smoked fish.


Finding Good and Affordable Food in Europe

Suppose you opt to stay in the hostel or at the camping site, then you would probably have the cooking
facility. The biggest costs of traveling goes into the food, thus to save, the best thing you can do is buy
your fresh and instant food from groceries as well as cook them on your own. This does not need to be
like that all time, but while doing this, you will be saving yourself much of your travel cash.

Eat where the local like

The foods generally tend to be very expensive at the tourist spots, thus your best way of trying to travel
on a budget to Europe is eating in a way like local eat. Such restaurants are found easily just some blocks
far away from where the majority of the tourists go. Thus, take a little walk and find some best eating
places, which offer you the best deals in town.

Try street food

For those who want to save money, it’s common to see many food stalls across the European cities. For
instance, you can get a pizza slice for just some Euros in Rome and crepe when in Paris!

Finding Right Budget Accommodation When Traveling in Europe

There are many benefits of traveling all alone and top ways to explore Europe on the budget are staying
in the hostels. You may think that the hostels are suitable only for the young backpackers who are
looking to party; however the truth is they’re made of any kind of travelers who are visiting Europe.
There’re also a lot of hostels that give private rooms, which are quite affordable for those people who
aren’t very comfortable with sharing their room with some other travelers. Except from hostels there are more ways to save money on accommodation while travelling.

Europe Camping – Discover Major Cities

If you’re looking for something cheaper than the hostel, then the camping will be the best choice for
you. There’s a wide range of the campsites in Europe when you’re in the major cities. The campsites as
well give many other facilities like the bathrooms and the cooking areas.

Examples of budget accomondation in Athens:

Finding the Budget Transport When Traveling in Europe

Rail Pass

Riding in a train is one of the wonderful ways to explore Europe on the budget, also do not forget to buy
the rail pass before boarding on a train. There are many different passes that are available; from the
single pass to complete pass, which allows you to ride this train anywhere traveling in Europe. This
depends on your tour, however, depending on the rail pass actually helps you to save some Euros.

Get Tourist Passes

There’re many European cities, giving special tourist passes only to the travelers, and normally they give
public transport systems, which are totally free, thus ensure that you take complete benefit of this.
Example, Berlin Pass will give you the free entry to 60+ Berlin attractions, you can take Hop on/Off sightseeing tours, or optional travel card to have unlimited travel. So, get yours now and save some
money next time when visit to Berlin.

Walking or Cycling – Which option is cool?

If you want to truly immerse yourself in the European city or country you are at, you can explore this by
2 wheels or by feet. This doesn’t just help you to save money but improve your health when on a road!

Look for the Budget Airlines to Europe

Take a note of two affordable budget airlines of Europe: EasyJet and RyanAir. Both these budget airlines
give cheap deals to anybody who is looking to explore this continent. When possible, ensure you book
the flight tickets, too, as the airfares generally tend to be much cheaper if it is booked beforehand.

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