Moscow: 10 things you should not miss!

Moscow: 10 things you should not miss!

July 4, 2018 0 By Aristomenis

1. GUM and TSUM shopping centers

GUM and TSUM are the largest and most famous shopping malls in Moscow. GUM “sees” the Red Square and TSUM is located on Petrovka Street, near the Karl Marx Place. Prices are very high here, but it is worth a stroll to see the luxury stores of Burberry, Joop!, Hermès and Moschino. After shopping or strolling, climb to the fourth floor, at Café Tsum, an ideal place to relax between brilliance and luxury. To get there by metro, take the red line for Okhotny Ryad or the green line for Teatralnaya.

2. Patriarshy Prudy Lake

It is close to Mayakovsky Square and the main Tverskaya Ulitsa Avenue and is the best “guide” for Stalin’s Russia and surrealism that somehow continues to permeate Russia. It is a square-shaped lake surrounded by buildings of the Stalin era. Here is the yellow, neoclassical building that houses the Pavilion restaurant, among the best of the city. The best time to go to Patriarshy Prudy is in the morning when the weather is good. Take a book, relax and walk around the lake, without forgetting to see the sculpture garden.

3. Chistoprudny Avenue

Start from Chistye Prudy Lake and follow the four-lane homonymous boulevard in the middle of a park near the metro station. Continue the boulevard until you reach Pushkin Square, the heart of Moscow. Here you will inevitably encounter hordes of people who feed the pigeons, read their newspaper and admire the great statue of the writer and poet Alexander Pushkin, whom the Russians consider to be the father of Russian literature. If you walk a little further, you will find Jean-Jacques, a very good French-Russian restaurant that is particularly popular with young people.

4. Cinema 35 mm

It is one of the most famous cinemas of Moscow and is located in Pokrovka Ulitsa. He plays foreign movies (among them many American) in their original language, often until late in the evening. It does not have surround sound or special type seats but has a long history. Lovers of Soviet and Russian films have been here for many years.

5. Swiss steel

If you’re looking for amazing views, go to the City Space Bar & Lounge ( on the 34th floor of the Swiss Otel or even better, watch a concert of classical music at the adjacent House of Music ( and then go to the bar for an amazing dinner.

6. Gorky Park

This is the perfect place to walk by eating an ice cream, enjoying a stroll along the Moskva River and watching the locals take a picnic, drink and sing. Take the Park from Park Kultury Metro Station and head alongside the river to the Chihana Restaurant with Uzbek cuisine. Try the amazing dishes with lamb, red wine and green tea. After your meal, get out of the park and walk through the yellow and blue footbridge to admire a beautiful city view.

7. Winzavod area

Behind the Kurskiy Train Station, Winzavod is an alternative area with great interest. This old bottling plant now houses galleries, art venues and fashion designer shows, as well as coffee shops. Here you can watch fashion shows, art exhibitions and major cultural events.

8. Café Pushkin

When the night falls and you are ready to relax, do not do it. Go to Café Pushkin (, not far from the homonymous square. It is a five-star restaurant open 24 hours a day and located in a building renovated to be just like the house of a Russian aristocrat in about 1825. The staff speaks the beautiful, Soviet Russian (and English) and it kindly serves every customer. Try blinchiki (Russian pancakes) with black caviar, borscht soup and pelmeni (dumplings) and one of many, many delicious desserts and vodka spikes. Here they will face you as if you are a member of a higher class.

9. Tomb of Lenin

It is worth visiting and it’s the easiest place to find in Moscow – a large black box in the center of Red Square ( – and open most weekdays. Do not carry backpacks or bags with you as they will not let you take anything with you. The Soviet authorities decided to mummify the body of the political leader of the Russian Revolution as a symbol of the Soviet era and the October Revolution.

10. Luzhniki Stadium

It is located in the largest Olympic complex in Moscow, where the Olympic Games were hosted in 1980 and 89,318 spectators. He has occasionally hosted major athletics matches, major football matches, as well as other events and music festivals. Since 2002, FIFA has ranked the world’s top stadium list.


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