HOT! Cheap flights from United Kingdom to Greece from only 175$. Enjoy the Greek Islands!

HOT! Cheap flights from United Kingdom to Greece from only 175$. Enjoy the Greek Islands!

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Cheap flights from London to Kos Island from only 175$ round-trip!

The signs of time are still alive. From the mythological period of Hercules and King Harmylos and the Hellenistic era of Asclepius, the ancient stadium, the ancient market and the ancient theater until the Today with modern infrastructure and housing development, a multitude of monuments and remains, witness the various cultures that shaped the history and local tradition of the island.

Dozens are the surviving monuments from the period of the Roman Empire, where Kos continued its development, mainly the statues, the Roman Conservatory and the Roman House, from the period of the Byzantine Empire, most notably the early Christian church of St. John , but also from the period of the Crusaders and Venetian conquerors, the castles of Neratzia, the castle of Antimachia, the castle of Kefalos and the castle of the old Pylos. From the Ottoman monuments stand out the part of the old city of Kos and the Muslim Temenos of the city, while from the Italian period the modern buildings of Italian architecture and the infrastructure works still in operation today.

But the most characteristic point where the visitor can see the remains of all cultures gathered is the city center, the Freedom Square.
Τhe history of Kos begins almost from the 3rd millennium BC, from the late Neolithic period. According to historians, it is the only island of the Dodecanese that has been inhabited ever since.

Kos is already present in Greek mythology. In the legend of the Gigantomachy, one learns that the battle that broke out between the Gods of Olympus and the Giants took place on the island of Kos. There the god Neptune approaches the Giant Polyvoti, takes with his trident a part of Cape Chelona and with that it submerges the Giant.
Kos was also associated with the labors of Hercules, who, according to legend, found a shipwreck with few companions in the northern beaches of Kos, somewhere in the Aksa region. King Evripilus considered Hercules a robber, chased him, leading him to escape to a mountainous area near Pyli. After the victory of the King of Kos, Hercules left for Flegra, having previously recognized Chalkon as the legitimate king of Kos, Nisyros, Kalymnos and other neighboring islands. In this way, the generation of Herakleidons was dominated by Kos (a name that has also taken a region of the island), from which Hippocrates is also supposed to originate. Heracles was worshiped on the island of Kos in the years of history, as few people, as the ruins of magnificent temples in the city reveal, as well as anecdotal features such as the name of the municipality of Antimachidi (today’s Antimachia) by the name of the son of Iraklis Antimaus.

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