Eight useful tips to deal with the jet lag after a long journey.

Eight useful tips to deal with the jet lag after a long journey.

June 20, 2018 0 By Aristomenis

“I have a headache”, “I cannot sleep”, “I feel sleepy”, are just some of the phrases that we say after a long trip with many hours of flight and therefore many hours of difference from the time of his country, the so-called time zones . Whenever we decide to do a transatlantic journey, as happy and impatient as we are, we are always faced with the jet lag, the de-synchronization of our body, due to the great difference of time from our base to any other distant destination. When we travel east of our country, changing time and therefore our habits, such as the hours we eat or sleep, are much more noticeable than the trip to the West. This is because our body feels that we are forcing it to sleep when this time was used to waking up. So for our body, it is much easier to travel to the West than to the East. Ultimately, however, what is the cause of the jet lag? Our body is programmed to operate in a specific way and to do specific things within 24 hours. Our body has difficulty responding and therefore adapting so suddenly and directly to such a change. When he has learned to wake up, to sleep, to feed at certain times of the day and suddenly he has to forget for a while what he was used to doing until then passing through different time zones, he reacts creating a sleep disorder, headache, insomnia or drowsiness, , lack of concentration, up to stomach upsets.But how long do you need to feel better again after a long journey? Here the answer is not the same for every traveler. The symptoms that someone may have, as well as the time they will need to feel good again, depend on many different factors. The age of the traveler, how often he travels, how much anxiety and stress he can have, even his eating habits can play a very important role and determine the recovery time. Generally, however, most people after a long journey need about two days to travel to the new destination while about three days to return to their normal pace when they have returned from their journey. The jet lag is inevitable but there are several interesting tips and ideas to help us.

  • Change our daily schedule.

One week before our trip, we start adjusting our schedule to the schedules of the country we visit. We seek to sleep an hour sooner or later if we travel to the West or the East and try to relax our schedule. The more stressed and stressed we are before a trip, the more difficult we will adapt to the schedules of the country we travel.

  • We sleep well in the evening before our trip.

Most of the time, just before we travel, we are so excited that we end up sleeping little or nothing before we go to the airport. For flights that last longer than seven hours, it is good to have slept for at least eight hours so that we have given our body and our body time to rest so that it can respond better to the jet lag.

  • Avoid Coffee and Alcohol.

Both coffee and alcohol can make us overweight before or during the journey and therefore make it difficult for us to adapt smoothly to the new schedules of the country we travel. On the contrary, we do not forget to drink water continuously and keep our body hydrated.

  • Set our clock and schedule in the new country.

Before traveling, do not forget to change our time clock and the last 24 hours or even during the flight, we try to operate according to the timing of our destination . We are dining for example when we are dining and at our destination, so our body will have begun the adaptation process beforehand so that it can more easily and quickly cope with the jet lag symptoms.

  • We seek to have a flight with a layover.

Choosing to stop in the middle of the journey, we allow our organization to gradually become accustomed to the change of hours and be able to adapt more easily to the timetable of our final destination.

  • We seek to reach our destination on daylight.

We select flights that arrive at our destination day, so our body will be forced to stay awake and we will not be tempted to sleep through. The light of day will help us to respond more easily to the new rhythms.

  • We have our favorite music with us.

Even if it sounds strange or trivial, having our favorite music on the plane and generally on our trip helps to relax and feel good and intimate at any point of the journey and to be. We even want to have songs that relax us and we can hear them when we have to go to sleep but our body is accustomed to another hour, does not obey. A cup of tea, favorite music and a warm shower are the best to relax and make us close our eyes more easily.

  • We sleep with the curtains of our room open.

In the first two days that our body struggles to meet the new hours, it is good, before we lie down, to leave our window curtains open so that we can wake up more easily with the sunlight to trick our body that wants to sleep more thinking that it is still home.

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